Logo & Corporate Identity

Emotional component of your communication

The logo is a main component of the visual style. We put a special emphasis on the word component. It is because the visual style should not be reduced only to the logo. The logo rarely stands alone. It always appears in a particular context (a document, a presentation etc.). Thus, it is necessary to prepare design for all application the logo will be used in.

We are used to considering the complexity of issues so that your visual identity is not only nice but also functional and easily applicable.

Penta “Create a style that will reflect our corporate culture – self-confidence, courage and generosity.”
Biou “We offer first-rate and lovely organic products – ranging from food to socks. We want a style which will mark us off from rustic eco shops.”
WIP, 2014 “We are a wine investment fund. Our style should evoke credibility and professionality and we would like to imprint the story of wine in it.”

Visual style guidelines

Logo guidelines

The basic type of guidelines that describes the rules and definitions for consistent logo usage.

Guidelines for vital visual identity

Visual identity should adjust to the needs of corporate communication. This is the reason why we consider the guidelines rather as a live, constantly updated library of solutions for documents which are frequently usedin your marketing and are particularly important to you.

For every situation, our guidelines offer a combination of instructions, visual example and downloadable basic elements.

Preciosa Crystal Components A preview of guidelines’ chapters – the library of solutions.
Preciosa Crystal Components A detail of the selected chapter "Layouts for advertising": instructions, demonstration and construction elements for download.

We work with Identity Online, an application that helps you easily maintain, update and consistently share your visual identity.

Templates for office applications

Templates of the most frequently used documents help you introduce and maintain visual identity within your company, and easily create smart-looking documents right in your office.

Preview of templates for common documents creation of First Club Insurance Company.

We create templates for Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Other services

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