Advertising & Promotion

Creative solution, visuals, advertising campaigns.

We look for the best way of getting your product to your audience. We seek to make your message compelling, clear, rightly targeted and believable. And striking enough to raise action and stimulate further communication.

Multichannel campaigns

A selling message captured in a few words and supported by a visual message (or video) works great across all the channels you can use in advertising. Both online and offline.

We develop creative concepts and as well as the advertising strategy. If needed, we can also help with execution of the media plan and the implementation of PPC campaigns, which is provided by our cooperating partners.

Sherlog „Show that no thief will break our car security solution.“ (print, TV, outdoor, PPC)
Sodat „Make people aware of the need to protect corporate data from internal misuse.“ (PPC, landing page)
Diton „We need to show the range of our portfolio and the quality of our concrete surfaces.“ (PPC, print, sponsorship message)
CPI „Draw attention to the benefits of the new building in Prague 4.“ (direct mail, e-mailing, PPC)


Creating efficient visuals is a demanding communication discipline. An effective visual can convey a lot of multi-layered information in the most concise and compelling way. Then, it will trigger the right response from the right audience.

"We need to inform the market that after a series of changes we are strong again and our mission continues."
"We want to update our visual. But we should keep our strengths in it: flexibility and particularly our sense for new opportunities."
“We have been operating in the Czech Republic for 120 years already. We are a good partner for the country. We want to communicate that. And do not be afraid to provoke!”
"Let them know that thanks to the new anti-allergy drugs people no longer need to be afraid of nature; actually, they will feel safe."
"We differ from the majority on the market: through our approach and personal engagement. We flexibly response to opportunities, we have no limitations."
"Imply that Country radio brings freedom, relaxation and fresh air into your mind."
(poster headline: Even a minute a day work miracles.)
"We need to point out again our main focus which is classical music. Give it a contemporary feel!"
(poster headline: A drop of art – the sea of elegance.)
Think up what the experience of listening to Czech Radio Vltava station can be similar to. (poster headline: Czech Radio 3 Vltava, will make you feel fine)
Present Radiožurnál as a source of reliable, impartial and unmanipulated information.
(poster headline: We show the world as it is.)

Production and postproduction of visuals and videos

Of course we also produce everything devised for (or together with) our customers. We make visuals, videos, animations (photo & video production, postproduction, photo mounting and everything related). We are happy to influence and improve the outcome until the very last moment.

Other services

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