creation of a brand or product name

Good name is the most valuable asset of the brand. It is a tool that helps differentiate from the competition and gain faster acceptance by the customers.

Who/what was named by AnFas

We had the honor to assist in creating the names of the many companies or products, among others:

Digiteq Automotiveelectronics developer, the member of Volkswagen Group
Movisio3D visualizations and videos specialist
YedooCzech manufacturer of scooters for all generations
Florentinumoffice complex in Prague-Florenc
Quadrioshopping and office complex on Národní třída, Prague
PRVNÍ KLUBOVÁthe first Czech peer-to-peer insurance company
Nanoptiqsrevolutionary optics based on nano-structures
Lesní stráněaparthotel in the heart of the Jeseníky Mountains
Jellypotextremely flexible CMS for web design

Sometimes we are not creating just one name, but a comprehensive, systemic naming solution. For example, when working on a naming concept for future office buildings in the Nová Zbrojovka complex in Brno.

A different case is creating an umbrella name for projects that originally developed independently. For example, the CPI Property Group needed an umbrella name for three adjacent buildings that would correspond to the already existing designation.

The right name is worked up, not guessed

The company / product name should serve throughout the existence of the brand. Its development therefore requires more effort and more activities than just the creative work itself. The situation is complicated by the fact that almost all simple and short names are already used. The process requires more creative stages, and each must include verification of the legal feasibility of the ideas.

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