Company profiles, catalogues, annual reports, business materials, magazines.

Starting with content

We help you organize, compile or create content for publications (→ selling arguments). Content and purpose determine the design.

See an example in case study on creation of climbing equipment workbook for Ocún.

Print still matters

You’ll surely agree that even in the today's electronic age there are still many situations that cannot be managed without printed materials. What you really hold in your hands has a different argumentation value than words on the screen. For example a company profile during business meetings, printed materials added to product samples or materials for exhibitions or trade fairs.


Nobilis Tilia Product catalogues and thematic prints.
Nobilis Tilia Tilia Aromatica – magazine for friends and customers of the Czech producer of natural and organic cosmetics.
CPI Brochures presenting office buildings owned by CPI to potential tenants.
Nanoptiqs Presentation of innovative nano-optics and its possibilities.
IQ Structures Visually attractive presentation and company profile of Czech designers and engineers in the nano-world.
Globalworx Company presentation and product brochures for innovator of monitoring solutions for transportation of medical and diagnostic devices.
Horsefood ‘the best’ Product catalogue for sales promotion of the world-renowned horse feed brand on the Czech market.
Ocún, 2014 Image presentation and a product catalogue of a Czech manufacturer of climbing equipment and clothing.
Quadrio, 2010 A brochure presenting a new office building in the centre of Prague to potential tenants.
Preciosa Lighting, 2010 Catalogue of prestigious lighting projects for presentation of the company (not only) in foreign markets.
Preciosa – Acquisition sets, 2015 Catalogues and practical boxes with real product samples are necessary equipment of any dealer of crystal components.
Preciosa – CREATE, Fall & Winter 2016–17 Catalogue of new releases in the assortment of crystal components is very appreciated by the dealers. The printed version was supplemented by a PowerPoint presentation.
Yedoo, 2014 Product catalogue of the new collection of Yedoo scooters with a preview of all technical innovations.
Advance, 2009 Presentation of a practical training programme in health management.
Nobilis Tilia, 2015 Tilia Aromatica – a thematic magazine for supporters and customers of a Czech producer of natural and biocosmetics.


Once the effort to complete, design and produce a publication is made, it is useful use it further. We offer several ways how to convert publications and documents to their electronic form:

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