About us

We are a group of people with different education, interests and personalities. What we have in common is our desire for creating values and continually improve ourselves and things around us. Thus, we are looking for clients who have similar view. We like to be there when our work begins to function and brings benefits to our clients.

We build on 3 qualities (3Q)

  • Quality of design

    Design is our passion. Creating, doing magic, evoking emotions, arousing attention. We love to watch how trends are changing whereas what makes quality design remains almost the same. And we make every effort to stick to this

  • Quality of function

    We follow a simple principle: yours, not ours benefit matter. Pleasure is (usually :-)) not the reason why you change things; usually you have some purpose, you seek particular benefit or aim. We try to understand this aim and achieve it together with you, so that our input supported your business.

  • Quality of cooperation

    Respect, trust + good relationship = good work. We are in close contact with you and consult every step. We keep you informed about the process and we keep the process at a fast pace. We do everything we can to minimize mistakes and stress.

Mutual balance of these qualities brings sustainable, fruitful, useful and nice collaboration. This is what we will always strive for.

With whom you will meet

The crew consists of a diverse range of experienced experts in all dosciplines required by your projects. As the projects evolve, most customers meet virtually every one of us.

  • Tomáš Kostkan

    chief, designer, copywriter

  • Jitka Slavíčková

    Designer and copywriter

  • Blanka Hasilová

    Řešitelka speciálních operací

  • Simona Formánková

    Designer a copywriter

  • Roman Hájek

    Copywriter & tvůrce obsahu

  • Petr Vorasický


  • Tereza Dusilová


  • Lukáš Šnýdr

    Web kodér

  • Dáša Poláková


  • Lucie Nováková

    Junior Brand Manager

  • Majky

    Chief Happiness Officer, canisterapeut